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Welcome to Aurora Windows and Doors, where your dream home transformation begins! Discover why our windows are the ultimate choice for Canadian homeowners. Our exceptional vinyl windows not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but also bring unmatched energy efficiency and functionality to your living space. With a dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction, we invite you to explore our wide range of vinyl window options. Elevate your home's style, durability, and performance with Aurora Windows and Doors, because your home deserves nothing but the best.


Embrace efficiency with our Most Efficient 2024 windows – your shield against unpredictable weather.


Simplify your life with low-maintenance vinyl windows – scratch-free, no painting or staining, just easy cleaning with soap and water.


Experience year-round comfort and lower bills with our vinyl windows, providing superior thermal protection for your home.


Affordable quality! Choose vinyl – the least expensive, yet durable and corrosion-resistant window material


Enjoy a lifetime of peace of mind with our windows backed by a transferable lifetime warranty – your assurance against any issues.


Express Yourself! Personalize your space with our windows available in a variety of colors to match your style.


Go green with our environmentally friendly vinyl windows – durable, recyclable, and with a low environmental impact.


Silence is golden! Experience tranquility with our high R-value windows offering excellent noise reduction.

All Our Windows Include Industry Leading Features

Premium UPVC Frames

100% non-recycled UPVC frames and sash. Our premium UPVC frames feature a unique multi-chamber construction that maximizes insulation, thermal efficiency and sturdiness.

Fusion-welded corners

Expect high quality design and construction. Our windows feature super strong corners without indented weld points and super clean lines.

Efficient Dual
& Triple Panes

Our windows feature a double and triple glazing options all with gas space between glasses to enhance the insulation and energy efficiency.

High Performance
Low-E Glass

Our windows come with high performance coated low-E glass to ensure you get the best clarity and performance combined. They are designed to reflect solar hear while simultaneously transmitting daylight through the glass.

Super Spacer

 The Super Spacer is a revolutionary insulating glass spacer. It enhances thermal efficiency, reduces condensation, and improves the overall durability and longevity of the window.

NAFS-11 Tested
& Certified

Our windows meet the stringent NAFS-11 standards by using proprietary steel reinforce mullion system. Reduced rattling and flection is the key to get longevity out of your windows.

Window Cross-Section_edited_edited.png

  • 100% Lead Free pure formula UPVC

  • Resistant to rot, rust, and corrosion.

  • Long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance.

  • Low-E glass minimizes UV rays and heat transfer.

  • Superior sound insulation for a quieter interior.

  • Simple to clean and maintain.

  • No need for painting or sealing.

  • Multi-point locking systems provide enhanced security.

  • Tough vinyl construction deters break-ins.

  • Sustainable manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly materials.

  • UV Protection: protects furnishings and interiors from fading.

  • Blocks harmful UV rays.

  • Energy savings result in long-term cost benefits.

Experience the Aurora Windows and Doors Difference!

1. Personalized Consultation:

After you book an appointment with us, we'll send a dedicated Aurora Windows and Doors expert right to your doorstep. Our representative will measure your windows and doors, answer all your questions and will help you choose the best windows and doors for your home.  And the best part? You get a free quote based on this consultation. It's all about making your home more comfortable for you!


2. We Measure for the Perfect Fit:

Post-consultation, our team takes meticulous final measurements to make sure your new windows and doors will fit just right.


3. Expert Installation:

Once your custom order is crafted and ready, our team will put in your new windows and doors fast and without any fuss. We'll make sure your home is tidy when we're done – inside and out.


4. Unwavering Support:

Our service doesn't stop after installation. With our warranty, if you ever have any issues, we're just a call away. We've got your back!

Window Styles

Type of installation

There are three types of window installation methods that can affect how well your window performs and how long it lasts:

  1. Retrofit Window Installation:

    • Fast and Affordable: Save money and time with this hassle-free installation.

    • The interior casing and window jamb will remain intact and will not be removed.

    • Suitable when the existing frame is well-insulated and in good condition. Perfect for older homes.

  2. Stud to Stud Window Installation:

    • Full Frame Transformation: We replace everything, from frames to casings and jambs.

    • Maximum Protection: New aluminum flashing and foam insulation for added protection.

    • More extensive, but worth it for superior results.

  3. Brick to Brick Window Installation:

    • Enhanced Aesthetics: Add a beautiful brick mould to your new vinyl windows.

    • Complete Transformation: We replace frame, sash, jamb, casing, and more.

    • The most comprehensive option for ultimate protection and insulation.


Choosing the right installation type depends on your existing window condition, insulation, and your desire for performance improvement.

Window Casing

Window casings are the stylish frames around your windows inside your home. While they don't affect your window's performance, they're crucial for giving your windows and doors a specific appearance. This is your chance to personalize and bring your vision to life.

In modern custom windows, you can choose between vinyl and wood casings. If you want a sleek, low-maintenance look, go for vinyl. Vinyl lasts longer, while wood lets you create a unique style to match your home perfectly. 


Vinyl Casing 


Vinyl casings are an ideal solution for a modern, complete look in your home. Vinyl is a great material because it does not deteriorate or rot with time. It will also perfectly match your new vinyl windows. There are also numerous options when it comes to selecting rosettes (trim corners), that will add a unique look to your windows. Although clean and polished, most vinyl casings tend to look similar and offer little in the way of customization for a pickier customer.

Vinyl Casing 45 degree Corner.jpg

Wood Casing


Because wooden casings can be stained or painted, and come in a variety of height and width profiles, they can be made to match your baseboards or another moulding in your house. The drawback with wooden casings is that they have a much shorter lifespan than their vinyl counterpart. As moisture levels change in your house during different seasons, the wood expands and contracts, meaning your casings may need to be changed long before it is time to change the window.

Wood Casing.jpg


Selecting the appropriate windows that offer maximum comfort and energy efficiency throughout the year is of utmost importance, regardless of your home's location. The most critical factor in this decision is choosing the right glass for your windows. Cardinal LoĒ is an exceptional option for passive solar designs, providing superior performance compared to regular low-e glass Opting for this choice will ensure year-round comfort and savings.


When the weather turns frigid, Cardinal LoĒ-180™ glass is the perfect cold remedy. It keeps homes warmer and more comfortable by blocking heat loss to the outside and letting the sun’s heat stream in. With a glass U-Factor of just 0.26 and an SHGC of 0.69, LoĒ-180 is the ideal product for passive solar applications. It extends a warm welcome home while achieving the highest ER values.


Who says you can’t do anything about the weather? Cardinal's LoĒ² coated glass delivers year-round comfort in all types of weather. In summer, it rejects the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays. In winter, it reflects heat back into the room.

When the temperature soars, ordinary window glass just can’t handle the heat. And tinted glass spoils the view. Cardinal LoĒ³-366, however, has been specially formulated to reject the sun’s heat without affecting the view. It lets more light in and keeps more heat out. So your home stays cool and comfortable. Our patented LoĒ³-366 coating provides the ultimate in performance of all our LoĒ products.

There’s no need to go to triple-pane windows to meet the various energy-saving guidelines. No need to invest in redesigning your windows and altering your manufacturing processes either. A double-pane IG unit with LoĒ-i89 can meet the guidelines.
LoĒ-i89 is sputtered onto the indoor lite, thus reflecting escaping heat back into the room and lowering U-factors. Rather than absorbing internal heat, LoĒ-i89 reflects it back into the room, making your living space feel warmer and more comfortable.

Benefits of choosing Triple-pane windows:

1. Enhanced Insulation: Triple-pane windows provide better insulation compared to double-pane windows, reducing heat transfer and improving energy efficiency. This is especially beneficial in cold climates where maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature is crucial. 


2. Improved Sound Insulation: The additional glass pane helps in dampening outside noise, providing a quieter indoor environment. This is advantageous in areas with high traffic or other external disturbances. 


3. Reduced Condensation: Triple glazing helps minimize condensation on the windows, which can be a common issue in colder climates. This can contribute to better visibility and prevent potential mold or mildew growth. 


4. Energy Efficiency: Triple-pane windows contribute to better energy efficiency by reducing the need for heating during winter months. This can result in lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. 


5. Enhanced Comfort: With improved insulation, triple-pane windows help maintain a more consistent and comfortable indoor temperature, reducing cold drafts and hot spots near windows. 

Triple Glass_edited.png

The cost of window replacement can vary based on various factors, making it essential to understand the options available to you. Our guide will help you navigate the world of vinyl windows and provide you with a clearer picture of what to expect in terms of pricing.

Factors That Influence Window Replacement Costs

When it comes to replacing vinyl windows, several factors can impact the overall cost. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Window Style: The type of window you choose plays a significant role in determining the cost. Below are estimated price ranges for various window styles:​

    • Casement Windows: $590 - $1390

    • Awning Windows: $590 - $1390

    • Hung Windows: 490 - $1190

    • Sliding Windows: $490-$1190

    • Bay Windows: $3000 - $5000

    • Bow Windows: $4000 - $6000

  2. Additional Features: Consider whether you want to include additional features like Triple Pane glass options or LoE (Low Emissivity) glass. These features can enhance energy efficiency but may also affect the final cost.

  3. Window Retrofit or Full-Frame Replacement: Decide whether you want to retrofit your new glass units into the existing frames or invest in a full-frame window replacement project. The choice you make will influence the overall cost.

*Please keep in mind that these are average price ranges, and the actual cost of replacing vinyl windows  can vary depending on factors such as the size of the windows, location of the windows, double or triple pane, loe glass type, colour, installation type any additional features or upgrades.

Contact us today for a personalized consultation and a detailed estimate.​

Window Insulation

Book a Free Consultation

Ready to reduce your energy costs by as much as 30%? Want to save up to 40% on window replacement costs? Then, Schedule a FREE, no-obligation consultation with one of our experts today. We’ll go over your window requirements, make product recommendations, show you how to take advantage of savings and help finance your project.

Don’t delay any longer, book a free consultation and take advantage of this incredible offer today!

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